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Shenzhen HuiYin Industry development corporation, Ltd. headquartered in Luohu District high- new science and technology second industrial park,it is one that is engaged in product development of new and high technology, poly-talented enterprise of the production, sale.
The company has high- quality skilled personnel and advanced business administration foundation, regard enterprise's brand and product quality as the life, offer the first-class service to users.

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We will be diligent constantly , will innovate constantly, will promote and remit the flourishing
development of huiyin and technology.




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WLS portable quiet dynamic automobile weigh system and QWJ-3000 type light-duty automobile discharge pollutant monitoring system regard as into new and high technology project, national new product.
QWJ series pass national authoritative environmental protection authentication of organization in Beijing, it is the first simple and easy operating mode law automobile tail gas checkout equipment of complete independentdevelopment of ours


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